Dee Williams and Skye Blue – Over their clothes

Dee Williams and Skye Blue

Skye Blue is relaxing in her room when her stepmom, Dee Williams, enters the room with a laundry basket. Dee asks her if she has any additional clothes that need washing. Skye says that no, she's fine. Dee then takes an appreciative look at the outfit that Skye is wearing and says that speaking of clothes, that's a great top she's wearing!

As Dee starts to get flirty with Skye, it becomes apparent that they are attracted to each other. But Skye says they can't act on their attraction because Dee is her stepmom.

Dee and Skye try to justify getting frisky by saying that if they only touch each other over their clothes, then it won't count as Dee cheating. Dee and Skye rub and fondle each other over their clothes for several minutes, especially rubbing each others' breasts and pussies. They both end up squirting from all the pussy rubbing, and dark stains form on their yoga pants.

Now super turned on, Dee and Skye want to go further. But can they stop themselves before they go all the way??

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Mature Lesbian