Sabrina – Mature insurance agent couldn’t say no to a young guy

Nicol Mandorla

I wanted to insure some of the stuff I own, so I was waiting to meet an insurance agent. After the meeting, I wanted to pay a visit to a local bar and finally find a girl to get laid with. A dry spell is no joke, okay? Suddenly, I hear loud knocking on the door. The agent I hired turned out to be a pretty old lady, but she still oozed sexuality, I felt like. I asked her to take a seat as she began to rattle off all the most relevant points of the insurance policy. Obviously, my thoughts were far, FAR away, but I forced myself to snap out of it to ask: Sorry, I’ll have to interrupt, but… This might come off as rude, but… do you want to fuck me right here and now? She was bemused by my sudden question, but it was obvious that for someone her age, fucking a much younger guy is not a regular occurrence… Nicol Mandorla

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